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Silicon Designer

Silicon Designer is a workhorse online application based on industry-strength technologies that deliver the highest-quality output.

It renders final form output using Adobe InDesign Server, the highest quality engine for print-ready output.

It eliminates errors, reduces re-work, and increases customer satisfaction.

A growing number of businesses confidently rely on its rock-solid design to give their users and customers direct, “on-canvas,” real-time, online document creation and editing.

Drive Up Conversion Rates and Sales

Empower your customers or your company’s internal users to easily create, customize, and produce personalized documents for print, web, or mobile—all online.

The Silicon Designer back-end lets you have a branded front-end for online creation of customizable products like: marketing collateral, promotional materials, photo books, flyers, HTML e-mail campaigns, advertisements, greetings, personalized stationery, invitations, business cards, calendars, gifts, and more.

Design and Edit Online

Silicon Designer is a real-time document editing application framework.

It matches the highest-quality preview you see as you work with it to the final output you get after you’re done.

It is the publishing industry’s true online WYSIWYG—where the “what-you-get” is guaranteed to match the highest-quality “what-you-see.”

Differentiate Your Brand

Silicon Designer users can create their own high-quality, personalized, online or in-print products—or empower their customers to do so—on a branded interface.

Maintain Design Consistency

Keep an image or design consistent by using Silicon Designer to specify what users can and can’t edit. Silicon Designer can be configured to reveal selected sets of templates, assets, colors, and font choices. So when you use Silicon Designer for personalized in-house communications, you can control artwork consistency without even trying.

Customizable Back-End

Want to combine Silicon Designer with existing systems, like an on-line store front? No problem. We configure Silicon Designer to fulfill the unique requirements of all our customers. We skin the interface to display their brand, integrate it with their back-end systems, and conform it to their business rules.

User Customizations

Because Silicon Designer is template-based, document design is totally flexible and configurable. Users’ design choices can be free-form or highly constrained. Editing options such as font and color settings are defined as part of the template development process.

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