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Silicon Designer is the premier platform for online editing of high-quality print documents. It is built on top of Adobe InDesign Server. Silicon Designer gives you and your clients a branded front-end for online creation of customizable products like marketing collateral, photobooks, advertisements, calendars, gifts, and more.

Silicon Designer is highly customizable and can support a very wide range of editing experiences - from guided editing enforcing brand standards or wizard-driven document creation to free-form drag-and drop, moving and scaling of text and graphics.

How it Works

With Silicon Designer, you set up templates in Adobe InDesign. We provide a powerful plugin to Adobe InDesign that lets you define for each template what colors and fonts are available, which text fields and images are editable, and how variable information will update text and images. When you have set up templates, you upload them into our Admin Module, which lets you control the runtime environment where your users will make their own documents according to the rules you've defined in template setup.

In the web runtime, users edit through an interface tailored to your requirements, with the online experience defined by the UI you have specified as well as the document-specific behavior you've defined in the course of template setup. A wide range of features area available, such as auto-fill of images, auto-copy fit of text, colorization of vector art, and access to 3rd-party or self-hosted image galleries. Silicon Designer integrates easily into your existing shopping cart and back-end production systems via our Web Services API.

Industry Standard Technologies

The two core technologies central to Silicon Designer are Adobe InDesign Server, the highest-quality tool for rendering print output, and HTML5, the current standard for web content. Our expertise is in managing the round trip of documents between these two powerful but very different form of rendition, to ensure that when the template you built in InDesign desktop is loaded into the browser, it looks precisely as it did when you designed it, and when a print-ready PDF is generated after your edits are complete, that it too is exactly as it appeared on screen in the editing session.

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