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AEM soars to new heights with InDesign

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an enterprise-grade content management solution, while Adobe’s InDesign is the world standard for print. Silicon Publishing technology brings these two media powerhouses together. Simply and automatically.


Silicon Connector for AEM

Silicon Connector for AEM

Silicon Connector for AEM offers the most efficient connectivity between Adobe InDesign and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). The fact that it’s also the easiest to use is just another plus.

Collaboration among distributed InDesign teams is enhanced, because Silicon Connector for AEM eliminates the need for redundant asset copies, manual asset updates, re-packaging projects, or re-linking content for those collaborating on any number of projects. Whether large and distributed, or compact and local, working smarter together is natural and seamless.

Silicon Connector for AEM saves time as it is faster and more efficient than WebDAV-based technology: URLs within InDesign are able to reference the assets directly.

The underlying technology making all of this possible is the end result of years of engineering and development. Informed by the collaborative, real-world feedback hundreds of customers around the world. The result is simple and powerful: single-source, managed assets ensure brand consistency


AEM Paginator

AEM Paginator

AEM Paginator makes it easy for AEM users to extend the reach of their publications from print, Web and mobile. Engage your customers via multi-channel delivery of complex, data-driven publications. Whatever the medium or device, AEM Paginator makes data-driven content delivery across multiple channels not just possible, but easy.

How does it work? When AEM-resident assets are linked by AEM Paginator to sophisticated and flexible Adobe InDesign document templates or mobile apps, their output is rendered to print, Web and mobile devices with unrivaled fidelity and consistency.

Previously unseen, this level of automation is achieved through adaptive, intelligent layout technologies. This allows documents to morph in order to meet the demands of the content, flexibly delivering consumer-ready output from variable data All without human oversight, but with pixel-perfect layout, day in and day out.

With AEM Paginator, any organization can extend the reach of their catalogs and other publications across print, Web and mobile channels, engaging their content consumers in the optimal medium, on the device of their choice.


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