Silicon Designer™

Design high-quality print documents online through a WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop interface.

Set up templates with Adobe InDesign, defining editing characteristics including variable text and images.

Edit documents online with Flash or HTML5.

Publish to Print and tablet output using Adobe InDesign Server.

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Silicon Connector™

Direct linking from Adobe InDesign/InDesign Server to cloud and web assets.

Connect to web-based assets, with custom implementations for DAMs and storage platforms including Adobe Experience Manager, Box, MediaBeacon and Widen.

A simple plugin lets you avoid moving files, relinking, and maintaining multiple copies of the same asset. Maintaing a direct link to single-source assets saves time.

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Silicon One™

Edit brand-controlled InDesign templates online and manage variable data campaigns.

Set up InDesign templates to map to data sources.

Leverage the entire InDesign document model, ingesting text and images from databases and online entry.

Generate industrial-strength, high-quality print output with Adobe InDesign Server.

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